My story

This is a blog about gaming equipment, tools, services, and guides for professionals, beginners, and everything in between. My name is Kasper, and this is my story.

As for many others, my gaming journey started when I was very young. When I was younger I spent a lot of time playing football. A practiced and played for countless hours and was sure that I was going to be a professional football player. I spent most of my time playing video games when I wasn’t at school or football practice. This became a way for me to relax and have fun with friends and family.

Growing up, I remember my mom and older brother playing Super Mario and Zelda on the Nintendo 64. That was such a fascinating world, which continued to fascinate me when I got older. The Nintendo 64 was replaced with PlayStations and Xboxes and today I spent most of my time at the computer. I liked console games but I found everything so much easier with a keyboard and mouse.

Getting into business school it became clear that I wasn’t going to be a professional football player. Beer, friends, and gaming took over, and enjoying these things became the most important thing at the time. But I had to live off of something, so I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. That’s why I went straight to university after completing my 3 years at business school.

Marketing and more specifically, digital marketing was my newfound passion. Or at least my working passion. I was still interested and gaming and everything that entailed. I got a bachelor’s degree in business economics and administration and studied for 2 more years to finally complete my master’s degree in marketing. Both my bachelor- and master’s thesis were focused on the e-sports industry and I hoped that this could help me work in e-sports at some point.

I got my first job in a marketing position at one of the biggest webshops in Denmark. We were selling gaming equipment but wasn’t really that competitive so our focus naturally went to other areas on the webshop. I knew I wanted to follow my personal passion. Luckily, during the years I was working in business and marketing I saw a connection between marketing and e-sports that could be the perfect opportunity for me.

I came up with the idea of starting my own blog, where I could talk about and teach others about gaming, giving thoroughly researched guides combined with the knowledge I have gathered throughout my personal life. Creating a sort of information hub for gamers of all kinds. I have been a ’gamer’ for more than 20 years involving consoles, mobile games, computers, and much more.  

Today I dedicate my time to helping others get the best gaming setup and helping gamers improve their gameplay overall. My goal is to make everything as easy to understand as possible. So even if you are a complete newbie in the gaming world, you get all the information you need to apply in your gaming setup at home right here.